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BIOMEDIS video reviews competition

We are giving devices for health and active longevity!

Share your opinion about BIOMEDIS devices.
Leave your detailed video review and get a guaranteed gift – promo code for 20% discount on any device of the brand.
First 8 participants will get BIOMEDIS corporate t-shirts as a gift.
Authors of the best reviews will get TRINITY, ACTIWAY, ZENWAVE devices as a gift.

The videos are accepted from February 8th to March 18th.

The gifts are waiting for you!


Take part in the competition and win TINITY, ACTIWAY and ZENWAVE devices to:

Launch the self-restoration processes of the organism by a natural method

Look 10 years younger and stay in the resourceful state

Open exceptional abilities of your brain and master the skill of creating favorable events, changing life for the better.

Effect of health improvement and development of human’s abilities is based on the principals of bio resonance correction and BIOMEDIS authors’ developments.

How to take part in the competition?

Make a video review about BIOMEDIS devices.

In the period of February 8th to March 18th please send your videos to the email address

Be among the best. The winners will be announced no later than on March 18th in the «News» section.

How are the winners selected?

The winners are selected among the authors that fulfilled the competition conditions by the jury.

How to increase your chances to win?

When selecting the winners, the priority is given to informative and useful reviews.
You can make several reviews about different products of the brand and different application results.
Tell your story creatively and sincerely.
The more useful your review is for the other users, the better.

Download the brief instruction sheet «How to record a video review»

Email address to send the reviews to

After sending your video you will receive a confirmation letter about registration in the competition and a guaranteed gift – a promo code for 20% discount off any BIOMEDIS device.
All the video reviews, that passed through moderation will be posted on BIOMEDIS YouTube channel.